Every venue is different. Every setup needs a different type of equipment. For Example: Live musical event will need a different setup than a piano person or a seminar in a ballroom etc. Not sure which equipment is right for you?

How much sound do you need?

# of Guests Indoor # of Speakers Outdoor # of Speakers

50-75 one K8.2 on stand two K8.2's on stands

100-150 two K8.2's on stands three K8.2's on stands

200-250 three K8.2's on stands two RCF slim-line arrays

300-350 two RCF slim-line arrays three RCF slim-line arrays

400 three RCF slim-line arrays four RCF slim-line arrays

500 four RCF slim-line arrays four RCF slim-line arrays

500 to 1000 four KLA12 with two KW181s four KLA12 with four KW181s

1000 to 2500 Eight KLA12 with four KW181s Eight KLA12 with eight KW181s


✓ Speakers are powered, no amps needed. ✓ Accept XLR Cables, some take 1/4", 1/8", and/or RCA ✓ QSC K.2 have built in delay. ✓ Can be looped and ran in series. ✓ Indoor/Outdoor use.

How to make sure I'll get the speakers for my event?

We rent most items on the weekends. You can "Hold The Date" with an advance deposit guarantees that the items will be available on the day of the pickup. Your rental is completed with a signed contract and payment.

How do you deliver speakers if I want them to be delivered?

We always meet deadline and our delivery window is (4) hours. We plan ahead and take traffic in consideration.

Will your equipment work on the day of the event?

We inspect and test our equipment after every rental to ensure it is working and you can also test the equipment before the delivery person leaves.

Types of speaker brands you use?

We use RCF and QSC brands. They are professional grade and all of them has built in amps. There is no need for external amplifier.

Who should I contact in emergency?

You will get tech's contact (cell#) if you are setting up equipment.

What do I need to rent?

A major credit card will be charged the rental cost. You will sign an authorization for the replacement cost of the equipment. If the equipment is not returned, lost and/or damaged you will be responsible and charged the replacement costs. Rentals are specified at a daily rate and you will be charged additional days for time exceeding the rental agreement.